Practice MON & THURS 8-10 pm upstairs in the Mueller Center! Starting August 28 2014

Judo is growing on campus!

         Welcome back to all of our current judo members and future judo members! It is that time of the year again where we get to start practicing judo on campus again. I hope everyone's summer went well and that you are all ready for some great judo this semester. Some important information for newcomers to the site who are interested or think that they may be interested in joining our judo club. The RPI judo club will be present at the activities fair on Aug 28 2014, I am currently not sure where exactly our booth will be but I will update the site once I find out. If you are interested or think you might be please come by our booth and ask all the questions you want and we will do our best to answer them. If you think after visiting us at the booth that you were born to do judo or you just wanna try it out we have our first practice at 8pm that night at the Mueller Center on the upstairs level. We allow all new members 2 classes without having to pay any dues so please come by and give it a shot you never know you might fall in love with judo. If you have any questions please contact our President and Vice President whose information is listed at the bottom of the page I hope to see a lot of people at our booth and during our classes have a good semester.

                     -Sean Ellis Vice President

Club Info

 Our current instructor is Sensei Terry Sharp (5th Degree Black Belt USA Judo; 3rd degree Black Belt Kodokan Certified. We practice Monday and Thursday from 8-10 pm upstairs in the Mueller Center. We have been growing slowly from semester to semester and would love to grow even more so if you happen to be free between 8-10pm on Monday or Thursday please come by and watch a practice or even join in. We offer 2 free classes to anyone who wants to see if judo is for them. Hope to see you on the mats!

Some Notes from our President:

About Gis (Uniforms)

You will need a gi to practice Judo. Through the club it will cost $25 for everything you need. If you have a judo gi already you can, of course, wear that one. Until you get your gi, please wear clothes without rivets or zippers (long pants preferred). Your clothes will get pulled on so don't wear anything you wouldn't want to have stretched or ripped. Jewelry is also a hazard when rolling around on the mats. We will be putting in a bulk order for gis in the first few weeks of the semester.


There is a certain etiquette that we use in judo that will see seem strange to you if you have never practiced a Japanese martial art. We will call our instructor Sensei which means teacher our place of training a dojo and each other judoka which means a practitioner of judo. Do not worry if you don't understand it all at first it will come with time. Now as far as rules go there are some simple basic rules which we follow. 1) No shoes on the tatami mats so please leave them by the door. 2) If you bring bags please leave them neatly against the wall or outside the room. 3) An important aspect to our martial art is bowing, bowing is done as a sign of respect so once in the dojo if mats are setup you will bow to enter the mat area and exit. Whenever you are sparring with another member you will both bow as a sign of respect. Everything else you will learn in time so please do not be afraid to come by and see if Judo is for you.

A typical class layout would be as follows. We will begin by placing out our mats and ensuring they are aligned correctly to prevent any injuries. Followed by a short ( about 2 mins) ceremonious thanking of Dr. Kano (the creator of judo) and our Sensei for teaching us the art of judo. This short ceremony will be lead by the top ranking student and will consist of bowing. The next eevent will be a warm up involving some brief callienstics and stretching followed by Ukemi which stands for falling practice. After our warm up is complete we will move into the class session proper which could consist of some or all of the following, learning a new technique or combo,Uchi Komi ( repition practice without throwing), Ne-waza (ground techniques), or lastly Randori (free practice aka sparring. So please arrive on time and be ready to go so we can get as much done as possible in our time. To wrap all of this up we will end with a quote from some great judo masters.

"We can say that Judo is an art because it is a method of arriving at self-realization and true self-expression. We can further say that Judo is a science because it implies mastery of various laws of nature: gravity, friction, momentum, velocity, weight transmission, and unison of forces. In its most important phase, it constitutes a kind of higher logic developed through practice and the ascencion of the true personality: a realization of the spiritual self in the philosophic rather than the religious sense of the word." -- Jiichi Watanabe and Lindy Avakian

Contact Info/Officers

Taylor Prince: (President)
Sean Ellis: (Vice president)
Facebook Page:
If you have questions about anything judo-related, feel free to get in touch with any of us.


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